Replay of Accounting4Growth Webinar


Here is the replay of the webinar I did last Thursday with Patrick McLoughlin of Accounting4Growth on Effective Business Writing for Accountants.

Because we had so much trouble getting the replay to you, we have opened up the opportunity for the special bonus for one more day. If you use this special link to enrol in Effective Business Writing for Accountants before midnight Friday, April 21, in whatever time zone you are in, you are eligible to receive a personal editorial review by me of any piece of your on-the-job writing you send me. I normally charge US$500 for this service, so the value is even higher than the course itself. You’re an accountant — do the numbers!

Because it is very labour-intensive for me, I can offer this bonus only to ten people, and there are just a few spots left. So watch the replay now, and use the information to improve your business writing right away. Then, if you want to take your writing to the next level, enrol before midnight on Friday to be eligible for this valuable bonus.

Here’s the link again:

I look forward to having you join the other forward-thinking accountants who are improving their client service and their business by taking Effective Business Writing for Accountants online. See you on the inside.

Happy Writing!