The 90-Minute Author

Want to Be Seen as an Authority in Your Field, Attract More Clients and

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Write a book — in 90 minutes!  

(No, don’t stop reading — it’s easier than you think!)

Book Publishing for Accountants
Picture this: you’re having a preliminary conversation with a potential new client. After answering a question or two, you casually say,“As a matter of fact, I wrote a book on that. Would you like me to send you a copy?”

Do you think that would increase your chances of getting that person’s accounting business? You bet it would! You’d be surprised how impressed people are when they realize they are speaking to an author.

Writing a book can change everything

Having written seven books of my own, I can personally attest to the excellent business advantages being an author can bring.

When people come to your website and read about you and your services, intellectually they assume you are an expert. But if you are also an author on your topic, then the subconscious kicks in and your level of expertise soars in the reader’s mind. And whether it makes sense or not, there’s a certain prestige to being the author of a book.

Maybe you’ve thought about writing a book but felt overwhelmed by the whole idea. That’s because you were thinking of the traditional publishing route, which has a number of problems.

Problems with Traditional Authorship

My cousin Chriss was in the traditional publishing world all her life. I once remarked to her that everybody wants to write a book, to which she replied, “No, Helen, everybody wants to have written a book.” Big difference!

Although many professionals recognize the value of authorship, there are obstacles that commonly stand in their way. Typically they think:

  • I have no time to write a book
  • I don’t know how to write a book
  • I can’t write
  • I don’t want to write
  • I don’t know what I would write about
  • I don’t know how to publish a book
  • I could get a ghostwriter, but that costs at least $50,000

Result: no book!

To be fair, many do actually start writing a book, but it turns out to take too much time and effort and the process stretches out sometimes for years.

But that doesn’t have to happen to you because I’m talking about a completely different approach to becoming an author — in 90 minutes! I’m serious, and I’ll explain how it works in a few moments. But first, let’s consider the type of book you’ll write.

Today’s Readers Are Busy and Don’t Want Massive Books that Explore Every Aspect of a Subject

Let’s face it, the way people take in information has undergone great changes in recent years. Contrary to what some will tell you, books are still popular and important. However, people are less inclined to buy and read big books with in-depth information on a wide or general subject. What they want now is a short book that is tightly focused on one topic, or even one aspect of a topic. So if you have expertise in one tightly focused area, why not write the book on it?

The 90-minute Author Process Is Different

The process I am proposing is radically different, and it is better for both you, the author, and your reader. Here’s how it works.

  • You and I have a telephone conversation to make sure this process really is for you.
  • You decide on the subject of your book. Remember, you want a tightly focused topic that answers specific questions your clients, or prospective clients, might have.
  • You come up with 10 questions on the topic and send them to me. You prepare your answers to the questions, which will be a simple matter because this is your topic of expertise.
  • In a recorded telephone conversation of approximately 60 – 90 minutes, I interview you based on the pre-arranged questions. Your answers become the content of your book!
  • Based on the speed most people speak, this amount of time should produce enough material for a standard soft cover book with 70-100 pages.

Next, I take the content YOU have spoken and turn it into YOUR book! That includes:

  • Suggesting some titles for you to choose from
  • Editing and polishing the text — you don’t need to worry about any ums and ahs during our conversation, because I’ll take care of those for you
  • Dividing the book into chapters based on the questions
  • Creating a table of contents
  • Working with my professional associates to create an attractive cover and design the inside of the book so that it’s not only good looking but also reader friendly
  • Adding a section with your contact information as well as details about your services — free promotion every time someone opens your book!
  • You approve the final version

Within a few weeks (instead of the two years traditional publishing can take!) you receive:

  • A pdf file of the book, which can be used in many ways for marketing purposes
  • 100 copies of the printed book (You can, of course, purchase more copies at any time, but these copies are included in your 90-Minute Author package.)

And that’s it!

No paying a ghostwriter tens of thousands of dollars, no frustrating search for an agent, no approaching publisher after publisher trying to get them to accept your book idea, and no waiting the typical two-year period to see your book in print. You do the 90-minute interview, and then leave the rest to me. That’s why I call this revolutionary process the 90-minute Author.

Don’t confuse the 90-Minute Author with pale imitations

Watch this short video, in which I explain why the 90-Minute Author program is different — and much better.

Let’s face it, one major reason people don’t jump into the world of authorship is that it can be very expensive. If you’ve ever looked into hiring a ghostwriter for your book, you’ll know it can cost anywhere from $40,000 to $80,000 or even more. A friend of mine was recently quoted $75,000 to ghostwrite her book. That’s a lot of money.

What if I told you my service, with everything described above, will cost you less than 10% of a ghostwriter’s fee? That’s because there’s no ghostwriter — just your own content and ideas in your own words. You are truly the author of your book. Sound interesting?

Is the 90-Minute Author program right for you?

It’s not for everybody. To find out if it’s for you, email me at to schedule your free 20-minute telephone call to find out. Put the words 90-Minute Author in the subject line, and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Oh, one more thing…

Because of the intensity of this work (for me, not for you!), I can only work with a few select clients at a time, so if you’d like to explore the possibilities please contact me right away. If my schedule is already full of other 90-Minute Authors, I’ll be happy to put you on my waiting list.

If you’d like the prestige and business opportunities that come with authorship, you’ll never have an easier way of doing it than this. Contact me at 1-416-966-5023 and let’s get you started with YOUR book!