About Helen Wilkie

Helen Wilkie, writerOK, I know my site needs an About Me page so that you can find out a little about me.

But let’s face it, you don’t really care about me — why should you? What you care about is how I might be able to help you improve your business through my services. Right?

Well, here’s some information about my experience and, more important, what it means to you.

Copywriting. I have written copy for a range of clients from multi-national corporations to one-person consulting shops, including websites, brochures, annual reports, white papers and a variety of odd projects (some of them very odd indeed, but I digress.) I enjoy all aspects of this work: chatting with my clients to get the information I need, researching more information and finally writing the copy. And I do it well, without a lot of fuss or handholding.

What that means to you: I will use all appropriate means to gather and understand all the necessary information, including your purpose for the piece. The result will be effective copy that does its job, delivered on time — every time.

Marketing. Deep down in my soul I’m a marketer. When I hear of new business ventures (even when they’re not my clients!) I can’t help thinking about marketing ideas for them. The Internet is a moving target, and using it effectively for marketing is an ongoing challenge. And of course, there’s still the offline world, which we ignore at our peril. I am comfortable working with both.

What that means to you: When I’m writing your copy, I’ll always be aware of how the message will be read by your client or prospect, no matter how it reaches them, and I’ll write it to help them make the decision you want them to make or give them the information you want them to have.

Publishing. I have helped a wide range of professionals author books on their areas of expertise, without all the stress and work of traditional publishing. These books then formed an integral part of their ongoing marketing activities.

What that means to you: Even if you have no desire to do the actual writing, I can help you position yourself as an expert through your own book. There’s nothing that says ‘expert’ better than authorship, and I can help you get there.

Professional Development. I’ve been a professional speaker and workshop facilitator since the mid-nineties. I have presented keynotes at accounting conferences across North America, and conducted in-house workshops on communication topics for a range of accounting firm clients. I have coached partners and other senior business people to create and deliver high-stakes presentations that achieved their objectives.

What that means to you: I can deliver in-person workshops or online webinars to help you and your people communicate effectively, which can only have a positive effect on your business. My coaching can take the stress out of presentations and make them work for you.

Whatever your communication needs, I’d welcome an opportunity to explore how I can help. Give me a call or drop me an email and let’s explore the possibilities.